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Foundation Subjects


This term our topic is the seaside. There is lots of science surrounding the seaside! Talk to someone in your family about what science you think is linked to the seaside. Think about what you have learnt about science so far this year and how it might link to the seaside and the oceans.


Reception, Year 1 and Year 2: We would like you to learn a little more about animals found at the seaside and in our oceans. Take a look at the seaside and ocean PowerPoints. Can you sort the animals by where they live?

Yr 1s: do you remember animal classification? (Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, Fish, Amphibians and Insects) Recap the features of each of these groups of animals (using the PowerPoint slides below) and see if you can identify what group each seaside/ocean animal belongs to.

Year 1 Animal Classification

Yr 2: You have been learning about habitats. Can you remember what a habitat is? Sort the animal pictures into the correct habitat. Can you learn more about the ocean habitat? Which animals live there? Why are they suited to that habitat?

Yr 3s: At the start of the year you learnt about rocks. Did you know that rocks by the seaside can contain fossils? What is a fossil? Learn all about fossils using the PowerPoint slides below. Why are fossils usually found by the seaside? (Hint: It is linked to the type of rock they are found in!) There have been lots of fossil discoveries on the Jurassic Coast. Take a look at a map to see where this is. You can learn more about fossils on the Jurassic Coast by clicking on the link below.


Reception: Can you explore moving forwards, backwards, left and right like a Beebot. Follow a path around your garden or house. Follow or give instructions to move from one place to another.


OR Print out the alphabet mat, choose a letter to instruct your family member to navigate to.



You could use these Beebot direction cards below.

KS1 & 2: During the summer term we will be starting a new topic: coding. Coding is the method of giving instructions to a computer to perform a specific task. An algorithm is the detailed step by step instructions that you give the computer to complete a task.


This week, we would like you to practise giving instructions (like algorithms). You need to make sure that you remember each step, that they are in the correct order and they explain exactly what to do! Take a look at the video clip below, this shows what can happen when you do not give clear instructions! Could you do any better? Think of a simple task (like making a jam sandwich) and try to give a family member the instructions to carry out the task.


Yr 3s: Can you write the instructions down for someone to follow?


Or.... get outside. Create an obstacle course in your garden and instruct a family member around the course.

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