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Foundation Subjects

To help launch our Summer topic 'Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!' we would like you to find out about seaside holidays from the past. To do this we would like you to ask family or friends about their memories of seaside holidays. We appreciate that you will not be able to visit people to find out about their holidays but you could use technology to ask questions E.g. telephone, email, video links like Skype or Face Time. If possible try to talk to people from different generations E.g. your Parents or Aunts and Uncles and your Grandparents or Great Aunts and Uncles, maybe even Great Grandparents! Remember you can ask family friends too. You will need adult help to do this.

Here are some questions that you could ask but we are sure that you could think of some more!

1. Where did you go on holiday?

2. When did you go?

3. How did you get there?

4. What did you stay in? A tent, caravan, chalet, cottage, hotel?

5. Who did you go with?

6. What sort of things did you do when you got there?

7. What is your favourite memory from a seaside holiday?

8. What do you remember eating?

9. What was different to seaside holidays now?


You can present what you find out in any way you like. Use a mixture of words and pictures depending on your age. Here are some ideas but you could do anything you would like to:

Paint a picture, draw and label pictures, write speech bubbles around a picture of the person who gave you the information, draw and label timelines to show how things have changed, write and illustrate a report or recount.

It would be great if you could email us some of your learning!




This week we bring you a fantastic music website to explore from the BBC. It is called 'Bring the Noise'. We would like you to explore the Play It section.There are loads of interactive activities for you to explore and enjoy. Try Listen and Layer, Feel the Beat and Make Some Noise. It's great fun!


We were really sad when we couldn't cook a simple potato dish with you as part of our 'Supertato' topic. So we thought you might like to have a go at home! This is definitely an activity that you will need to do with a grown up! Remember to wash your hands and be very careful when in the kitchen, listen to what the grown up tells you to do.  

Here is a video showing you how to make a very simple potato salad. You could swap ingredients if you haven't got everything that you need. For example swap the yogurt for mayonaise or salad cream. You could also add extra ingredients if you like. For example herbs or maybe some cheese or bacon.

You could also choose to cook a different potato recipe, even a simple baked potato with a topping would be great! Remember You MUST do this with an adult.

When you have finished cooking your potato dish you could print off or copy the evaluation sheet to draw and write about how you got on.

If you can't do any cooking, don't worry, you could draw a picture of your favourite potato dish and write about why you like it.

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