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HISTORY WALT understand that history can present people as stereotypes.

What does stereotype mean?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Vikings?

Looking at the picture above, how would you describe a viking raider?

Using the link below (About Viking Invaders), scroll down until the ABOUT section (nearly at the bottom).

What do you think about Vikings now?

Has your opinion changed? 

Now read the follow document about what the Monks think of the Vikings.

1. What are the differences in the two informative pieces of writing about the Vikings?

2. Which one do you prefer? Why?


3. Which is stereotypical?

4. Which is more historically accurate?

5. What are the problems this might cause if we, as historians, believe stereotypical views of history?

Task to complete

Draw a stereotypical and realistic picture of the Vikings (use the pictures below to help) label each with vocabulary to describe what kind of people the Vikings were. Focus on: face, helmet, stance, armour.

P4P: Can you explain why it isn’t accurate to use stereotypes in history?

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