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Wednesday 14th October

Phonics and Tricky Words


Spend your time today recapping our tricky words and sounds. There are lots of activities and ideas in the Phonics tab. Don't be afraid to make up your own games. We'd love to see what you come up with! laugh

Tuesday 13th October

WALT sort instructions


Yesterday, we followed your instructions to make a sandwich.


Use the pictures on the PDF below to order the instructions. Choose some of the pictures, or draw your own to match the instructions you have been given. Use the time adverbials in each command to help you put the instructions in the correct order.

Monday 12th October

WALT give instructions verbally


You've all done a brilliant job of following instructions. Now we would like you to give someone at home instructions on how to do something. Remember the important features we've learnt when giving instructions:

  • Use time adverbials
  • Use imperative verbs
  • Be clear


You don't need to write these down but why not get someone to record you so we can see your excellent instruction giving skills.

Friday 9th October

Tricky Word Friday!


Today's English job can be found in the Phonics tab. We will be recapping and learning more tricky words!

Thursday 8th October

SPaG WALT match singular nouns to their plural -s


Download the PDF below to complete the plural task. Don't worry if you can't print the sheet, you could always write the words and draw the pictures yourself.


Can you think of any other singular nouns that need -s to make them plural? Write them down and send them to us. We love seeing all your hard work.

Wednesday 7th October

WALT sequence instructions


I can use time adverbials


Tuesday 6th October

WALT use imperative verbs




Monday 5th October

WALT follow instructions


Download the PDF below and follow the instructions to colour the pictures correctly.

If you do not have access to a printer, you could use an edit program on your computer, tablet or phone. Alternatively, ask someone at home to draw you a picture and give you instructions on how to colour it in. You may like to follow instructions on how to make your lunch, organise your toys, play a game or feed your pet.


Please send your completed work to the year group email address.

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