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Please continue to access you Bug Club books using your personal log in and password. Remember to click on the Bug Icon to answer each question so that we know that the book has been completed. 


You can also register for free access to e-books with Oxford Owl. Just click the link below.


Remember you can also read books you have at home, try comics, magazines, instructions, recipes – anything that you are interested in….


And don’t forget to practise reading your Tricky words! Why not write them down in your neatest handwriting and cut them out to make flashcards…


Why not start having a daily story time. Choose a chapter book and ask an adult to read to you. Can you listen carefully, imagine the scene as it is read to you and talk about what has happened in the story?


Do you have any books at home linked to summer, the beach or holidays? If you do, find them and read them! Once you have finished reading it, write down what your favourite part was and why. You could draw your favourite character too! If you don't have any books at home, there are lots of stories to watch on youtube!


This week the two new sounds to learn are ‘sh’ and ‘th’. They are both digraphs (two letters making one sound). Practise blending to read and segmenting to spell words with each sound.

Below are the actions for each sound and a video link for you to watch Geraldine the Giraffe learning about these digraphs.

There is also a game you could play which practises reading words containing the ch, sh and th sounds.








/ch/, /sh/ and /th/ sound activity

Year 1:

This week you will be learning about a new way to write the /ee/ sound. You already know about the ee digraph (as in sheep) and the ea digraph (as in eat). This week’s new grapheme for /ee/ is e-e. This is another split digraph because there is a letter between the ‘e’ and the ‘e’. This split digraph is in words such as these, complete, delete, theme.

Below are two activities to help you learn the /ee/ sound and a link to a learning video.


Can you create your own description of a beach? Imagine you are sat on a beach with the sun shining down on you and your toes in the sand. Describe what you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Who are you there with? Are you there for a special occasion? Are you building sandcastles or paddling in the sea? Write it down so you can share it with us when you come back to school or you can practice your ICT skills and type it up. 

Reception children: can you complete the sentences:

I can hear ……………………….

I can see …………………………

I can smell ………………………

I feel ……………………………….

Year 1 & 2s: use the sentence starters above to help you, but try to write more than one thing for what you can see, hear, smell etc.

Year 3s: can you make sure that you include some of your lovely noun phrases?

Here is a little video clip to give you a few ideas:

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