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WALT Write a letter

We would like you to write a letter to your new teacher.


Think about what you want them to know. It could be:

-your favourite subject

-something about your pets

-your favourite game


Is there anything you want to know about your new teacher?

Why don’t you ask them in your letter?


Try to remember the different steps to writing an informal letter.


Good luck,

From your Year 1 teachers 

Please email your finished letters to so we can pass them to your Y2 teacher smiley

How to write an informal letter...


Step 1 – Write your address in the top right hand corner of your letter.

Step 2 - Write the date underneath your address.

Step 3 - Write the name of the person who the letter is for below the date on the left hand side. You can use ‘Dear’ or a more informal greeting, such as ‘Hello’, or ‘Hi’. 

Step 4 - Tell the person why you are writing to them.

Step 5 - Add any information you wish to tell them.

Step 6 - Finish off your letter using an appropriate ending e.g. ‘From’ or ‘See you soon’, followed by your name.

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