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Welcome to the Reception

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We hope you and your families are keeping well!

You can regularly check this web page for home learning activities. Remember these are to help you with ideas, they are not compulsory. We will update it for you with fun and creative ideas to continue your learning.

If you need any help/support we are still here for you, you can email us on

Keep safe and have fun

Thank you 


Click here for information about this year's reading challenge

Over the next few weeks, the children will be returning to school in Reception and Year 1.

The teachers will be sharing the following rules with your child and we thought it would be nice for you to talk to your child about them before they return to school.

There is also a child friendly video about social distancing for you to share with your child to help their understanding. Please click on the link below to see this.

Thank you and keep safe and well.


Summer term 2 Week 6 – WB 6th July 2020


Hello and welcome to our Reception home learning page. We hope you are all keeping well.

Here you will find this week’s activities for you to carry on your learning at home.

Remember to post any photos on Tapestry – we love seeing everything that you have been doing!

If you need any help, please contact us via email using:

Thank you



Every day this week we will practise the alphabet, tricky words and letter sounds we have learnt already, before we start our daily phonics activities.


Alphabet song

Phase 3 tricky words  


Check your sound knowledge with the Phase 3 sounds PowerPoint.

This week we will be revisiting the sound ‘ow’.

This is a digraph and it comes from this sound family:


We have met this sound before and seen it in these words. Can you blend these words using the ‘ow’ sound?

Monday 6th July

Watch Geraldine the Giraffe learn about the ‘ow’ sound:

Mr Thorne does phonics


Here is a PowerPoint about the ‘ow’ sound. Can you complete the activities it asks you to do?

Here are some activities for you to do if you like.

Tuesday 7th July

Practise the alphabet song and tricky words song (links above) we have learnt so far.

Check your sound knowledge by clicking on the Phase 3 sounds PowerPoint.

Watch Alphablocks ‘ow’ video.

Look at these pictures. We are going to write the words to match them.

Make sure you sound out the words on your fingers (like the image below) to help you remember the sounds when you are blending.



Have a go at some of these activities for spelling ‘ow’ words.




Odds and Evens


Monday 6th July

Last week we learnt how to share quantities into equal groups. When we share quantities into 2 equal groups with none left over, we call this an even amount. That number will be even.

If we share a quantity into 2 groups and we have one left over, we call that an odd number.

Look at these monkeys. There are 4 monkeys. Can you tell if there is an odd or even number of monkeys?

You can see that they are split into two groups evenly. So number 4 must be an even number.


Now if you look at these 5 sheep, can you tell if it is an odd number of sheep or an even number of sheep when you look at the two groups?


You can see that they are split into two groups but are they even? No, the groups are not the same. One has 2 sheep and the other has 3 sheep. So number 5 must be an odd number.

Have a go at this activity:

Watch this video about odd and even numbers:


Tuesday 7th July

This week we are learning about odd and even numbers. Yesterday we worked out that if an amount was shared between two groups evenly and fairly, then that amount has to be even. If the amount cannot be shared out evenly, then the amount is an odd number.


Have a go at the activities on this PowerPoint and the worksheet after.


Our topic is called

‘People who help us’


This week we are learning about






Watch Bob the Builder and then have a go at some of the crafts and activities.


Did you know that at we have a subscription for ...



Click on the link below to have fun practising your letters and handwriting patterns.


Please upload any learning that you do onto your Tapestry page so that we can see all of the wonderful things that you have been doing.

Reading and Phonics


Remember to look at your Bug club books using your personal log-in.



Here you can register for free to have access to a variety of


Interactive stories and games



Register for free on the Phonics play website to enjoy playing phonics games and activities.


Talk4writing home/school resources

Talk for Writing is an engaging teaching framework based on the principles of how children learn.

Here are some of their home-school English Booklets.

The units are age-related, but please feel free to pick and choose what is right for your child.

They all include a model text which is also available as a streamed audio recording.

Zachary's drawings and labeling of animals found on the land, in the sea and in the air

Zachary's drawings and labeling of animals found on the land, in the sea and in the air 1

Ronnie's pictures from the story of The very hungry caterpillar read by Mrs Moore.

Extra Activities


We hope you are enjoying the activities we are uploading daily. We are trying to make these activities practical using as few resources as possible to help you at home.

We are also aware that some of you may like worksheet activities similar to the first pack we sent home. Please don’t feel like you have to complete these activities they are just added extras if you need them.

Physical fun!


Have a fun and physical exercise with these super yoga moves!

Go Noodle

Hundreds of brain ‘exercise’, dancing, strength and mindfulness videos.

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