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D&T and Art


Can you create an abstract portrait of yourself in the style of Pablo Picasso using different pieces/shapes of coloured paper? Have a look at the pictures below to get some ideas. We would love to see your portraits! Send them to We would love to add them to our gallery! For 10 dojos can you also find 10 interesting facts out about Pablo Picasso? What do the words 'abstract' and 'portrait' mean?


Drawing Portraits

Drawing Portraits

Use the powerpoint above to draw portraits of yourself or someone in your family. Don't forget to use all of the skills you have been taught this year. When you have finished email us your finished portrait - 10 dojos for each portrait we recieve. smiley 

Easter Cards


There's nothing better than receiving something in the post! I love getting a letter from someone who cares about me. During this time, why not send an Easter card to your loved ones to show them you are thinking of them. Even better, why not make the cards!

Above are 4 examples that you could make but there are lots of lots of examples to search for. Just make sure that your card can fold flat otherwise it can get costly to post! You will need to post it by next Tuesday 7th April, Wednesday 8th April at the latest unless you can post it locally on your daily exercise. The links for the ideas are below. Enjoy making them and I'd love to see some of your creations - could might even get posted on the website!



Easter activities:


Below are some Easter art activities that you might like to try.

You could use them to decorate your house or your Easter table. 



Why not make a cheeky chick book mark for your reading book!

There is also a bunny rabbit one.






Although the web link for these isn't working... I wonder if any of you could work out how to make these cut little bunny egg holders, simply made out of 1 piece of paper!








How about making your own Easter baskets ready for those egg hunts?






These eggs would look beautiful as decorations on your Easter table.







Or finally, what about these sock bunnies! A way of using up all those odd socks and practising your sewing skills!

Bird Feeders


Inspired by an email we've had this week, I thought you might like to make your own bird feeder!  Below are some instructions from the RSPB for how to use an empty plastic bottle to feed your local bird population! 

Have a look on the RSPB website link for more information about the birds that might visit it!

Click on the images to make them bigger.

Look at the wonderful bird feeder Paige made. She has used an empty milk bottle and used pens to make it look like a house. She is definitely going to have some happy visitors to her garden!

We look forward to seeing anymore wonderful creations you have made!

'The Great Indoors'

Bear Grylls has teamed up with the Scouts to think up lots of amazing activities for you to complete as part of 'The Great Indoors.' The activities are labelled by age so you can find some to complete with your younger brothers and sisters or you could even ask your older brothers and sisters to help you!



Some ideas have videos and some just have instructions. Take a look. The first one we are trying is teeny tiny twig rafts! On our walk yesterday, we found lots of twigs as it was rather windy! Today we will try and make a raft! I'll upload a picture when it's finished!


Have a go yourself or choose a different task and let us know what you did. Email us at smiley

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