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Daily English Task


Wednesday 14th October WALT use conjunctions

There are many different conjunctions for example: and, because, so. we use them in our sentences usually to make the sentence longer. Watch the Powerpoint about conjunctions and have a go at some of the activities included within it.

Tuesday 13th October WALT improve our sentences

Have a look at the pictures from the story and the accompanying sentences. Can you think of any ways to improve them? Maybe you could add in an adjective (describing word) to make the sentence better? Does the sentence have a capital letter and full stop? Would it be improved with an exclamation mark? Could you extend the sentence with a conjunction such as 'although' or 'because'?

Have a go at changing the sentences to make them better. Remember they still need to make sense!

How could we improve this sentence? could we add an adjective?

There is a creaking swing in the park.

Could we add a conjunction?

There is a creaking swing blowing about because it is a windy day.

Now you try and improve the following sentences that are below the pictures.

Monday 12th October WALT punctuate correctly

Today you are going to read the sentence and add the capital letters, full stops or questions marks.

Think about when we use a capital letter. Is it just at the start of a sentence or are there other times when we need to use one?

Thursday 8th October 2020 - WALT Make corrections to a piece of writing - focussing on punctuation.

Today (Thurs 8th) in our first Zoom lesson we discussed how to write sentences. Two important things to remember are a capital letter at the start and punctuation (full stop, question mark or exclamation mark) at the end of each sentence.

I have started to write an oral story for 'The Disgusting Sandwich'. Here is my first paragraph. Could you please check it for mistakes. If you can print it out, then you can 'Think for Pink' just like the teacher! Please then write the paragraph out in your best cursive handwriting, making the corrections that are needed.

Mrs Barlow's 'The Disgusting Sandwich' story - spot the mistakes!

Wednesday 7th October  WALT orally retell the story

Today we'd like you to have a go at retelling the story 'the Disgusting Sandwich' from the beginning to the end. You could make some stepping stones across the floor with some language prompts to remind you what to say. I have created 9 language prompts - see picture below.

In this story there are some repetitive phrases, the main one being, "I can't eat that it's disgusting!" Make sure when you tell the story you remember to include this phrase.

The children should know the story quite well, but don't worry if they can't use all the language prompts.

Good luck everyone. If you could record these and upload them we'd be very happy to watch them.

Tuesday 6th October WALT create a story map

Today you are imagining the story like going on a journey on a road. Firstly you will need to draw a picture of a road across your page. Then at the start of the road you need to draw a picture of what happens at the start of the story. It's a good idea to look at the end of your road and draw a picture for the end of the story. For the rest of the road you can draw pictures for the different events that occur throughout the story.

For example, you might want to draw the sandwich in the pond, or the sandwich being ridden over, or the sandwich falling into the ants nest.

Please then annotate your pictures and write a sentence for each one saying what you have drawn. If you are unsure about some of the spellings see if you have a dictionary that you could use to help you.

We will work through this lesson on zoom tomorrow so please bring it with you to the zoom meeting where we will hear about the maps and what you've written.

Monday 5th October WALT 'box up' a story

Watch the video of the story then use the planner to think about different parts of the story and 'box it' into different sections. For example, who are the characters in the story? Where does the story take place? What happens at the start of the story? What happens to the sandwich? What goes wrong? How does the story end? When you are finished feel free to email us with your completed planners.

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