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Daily Activities for this week w.b. 18.5.2020

Friday 22nd May

Yesterday I went on a long dog walk with my daughters. To fill the time, we played a game that I thought I would share with you. It’s another categories game. You don’t need any equipment. Just your family to play with you!

Simple version: Think of a category. Take it in turns to think of an item that belongs to that category for each letter of the alphabet. Can you get all the way from a to z?

E.g. Category: FOOD

A = apple; B = Banana, C = Cake!...... Z = ??? Zucchini?

Some categories will be harder than others.

Harder version: Each person playing the game must think of an item beginning with each letter. Take it in turns.

So, A = I say “apple”, Steph says “avocado”, Charlotte says “anchovy”…

Challenge: Try to think of as many items as you can that start with each letter of the alphabet, keep going on everything starting with ‘A’ until nobody can think of any more! Whoever thinks of the last item wins a point. Then move onto 'B' and so on.

Thursday 21st May

Today we would like you to refresh your work on categories. We have done a few different activities linked to this over the last few weeks. Your starter activity is called Dice. In this game you must roll a dice then pick a card. You need to name other things in that cards category. For example, if you roll a ‘3’ and then pick a card showing a carrot, then you must name 3 other types of food (or vegetable, to make it harder). You ‘win’ the card if you can.


The next game, ‘Find It’, requires you to find a reason that two items might belong together. So you are thinking about the category they might belong to. Here, you lay all the cards out face down. Pick two cards (like when you play ‘Memory’). Can you explain why they could be grouped together? What is the same? Sometimes, there may not be a reason…. If you cannot think of one, then put the cards back where you got them from. Watch where different cards are placed so you can try to ensure you pick two that belong together!

(You may be able to think of a strange reason for two to go together, e.g. “The dolphin and the recorder both make a high pitched sound!” Can you persuade your playing partner that they can go together?)


(If you cannot print out these games, then you could have a look at them on the computer and have a go at drawing some of the pictures to make your own set of cards. Or ask a parent or older sibling to help you write the names of the objects onto cards.)

Wednesday 20th May

Today's activity is all about using prepositions (positional language).Earlier on, while you have been at home, we suggested you made an obstacle course and gave someone instructions to someone to move along it. You may have used some prepositions then. Today we are going to have some further practice as these words are very important. They are all about explaining where a person or object is. Here are some prepositions but there are more. Can you name any of them?     


First, choose a toy and and some objects. Now ask an adult to give directions - can you place the toy where they say? E.g. 'in front of the book.'

Next ask an adult to put the toy in different places. Can you say where they are? E.g. 'Under the table' 'behind the book'.

Now you could have a go at the obstacle course again - can you use more prepositions this time as you give instructions, or describe where someone else is? You could build an obstacle course for a toy and practise using the words that way.

Here are some more activities for you to try. The last one is a challenge for some of the older children!


              Tuesday 19th May

Today's activity is called 'What happened Next?' Look carefully at the pictures that tell a story of a family at the seaside. Can you tell the story to an adult. Try to include as much detail as you can.




 What could happen next in the story? You could make it as real or fantastic as you like! Tell an adult your idea. Now can you draw a picture to show your idea. Last, write down your idea. Depending on your age it could be a simple sentence or a whole story!



              Monday 18th May

Do you remember when we made a plan of our classroom? Remember when you draw a plan you think about the shape of each object from above. We called it a 'bird's eye view'.Today we would like you to make a plan of your bedroom. It could be a plan of your bedroom as it is or a plan of your dream bedroom. What would you love to have in your bedroom? A cinema? Table football? A slide down to the garden? Anything you would like! You could draw the shapes or cut the shapes out of different coloured paper and glue them onto your plan. Here are some bedroom plans to give you ideas.



Can you talk about your plan to an adult or an older brother or sister? If you have drawn a plan of your dream bedroom, why have you included your special features?             

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