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Daily activities (Week beginning 4.5.2020)

Thursday 7th May

Plan a V.E. Day Party!

We know you need to stay home and stay safe even on V.E. Day tomorrow, but you can still have a party with your family. What would you include in a fantastic party?

Here are a few things to think about:

Food - could you include some foods that were popular in 1945?

Party Music - what would your perfect party playlist be?

Party Games - try to find out what party games were played by families when WW2 ended.


Click on the link below to help you plan your V.E. Day celebration.

Wednesday 6th May

Find out about V.E. Day!




Do you know there is a special Bank Holiday on Friday to celebrate the fact that it is 75 years since VE (Victory in Europe) day? VE Day happened on 8th May 1945. Along with other countries (the allies), the United Kingdom had been fighting in World War 2. On this day Germany surrendered, that means they said they would not fight against the allies any more. 

Below are lots of activities and information linked to V.E. day. What can you find out before Friday's celebrations?

Perhaps you could help to plan a family picnic in your garden (if the weather is nice!) or inside to celebrate together? Included below are some flags and bunting suitable for all ages to print off or you could make your own to decorate your house or garden. There is even a spitfire plane - again suitable for all. Have fun!


              Tuesday 5th May

                                       Two more category games today!

Remember things belong in the same category if there is a link between them. It could be that you would see them in the same place, they are the same colour, you use them for the same reason. There are lots of reasons that things belong to the same category.



Our first game is 'Add three more'. Can you add 3 more things to each group?

Open the game below with lots of different ideas.

Our next activity is  'Guess the Category' game. Can you say what the category is? 

Challenge - Can you draw your own set of pictures and play 'Guess the Category'with a member of your family?



You will find this game below.


                  Monday 4th May



Today we are going to play  a game called 'Categories'. A category is a group of things that have a link. They belong together.

For example, I might say 'Name 5 things that could be in a lunch box.'


You might say 'sandwich', 'yogurt', 'apple', 'juice', carrot sticks.

Now try some of your own. Have fun!




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