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Daily Activities (Week beginning 27.4.2020)

Friday 1st May

Today we would like you to use your ‘good listening’ skills to identify a chosen object in a picture. Below are a selection of pictures from the book ‘You Choose’ by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart.

Ask an adult to choose an object from the picture (but keep it a secret!) Listen to the clues. Can you guess what the object is?


Here is an example. Can you guess my favourite food from the clues:

  • My choice is on the page with the girl.
  • It is above the plate of fish and next to the lemonade bottle.
  • It is round and covered in mushrooms!’




Thursday 30th April


Today we would like you to continue to practise your listening skills. This activity is linked to your weekly Computing activity, instructions.

Treasure hunt: choose a small object (a toy car, small teddy, plastic animal) to hide. Put a blindfold on and ask an adult or older sibling to hide the object somewhere in your house (or outside if the weather is nice). Then, listen carefully to the instructions. Can you follow the steps to find the treasure?

Example instructions:

  • Turn left / right (Reception children, if you need help remembering left and right then you could wear a glove on your right hand and include in the turning right instruction the prompt ‘glove’).
  • Move forward/backward 5 steps
  • Bend down
  • Step up 10 times (e.g. for climbing stairs)


Reception children: listen to each single step instruction and carry it out straight away. Can you follow 5 single steps to find the treasure?


Year 1s: Listen to a 2-step instruction then carry it out. (E.g. ‘First walk forwards 3 steps then turn right’.)


Year 2 & 3s: Listen to 3-step instruction then carry it out. How many instructions can you follow before you are led to the treasure?

        Wednesday 29th April 


So far this week we have been practising our listening skills. Today we are going to go on a listening walk. You could use your daily exercise time to get outside in the fresh air to go on your walk or if the weather is not good you could go on a walk around your house! Walk quietly so that you can hear as many things as possible. Can you make a list of all the things you hear? You could even draw a sound map of the things you hear.


To inspire you listen to 'The Listening Walk' story.


            Tuesday 28th April         

Today we will try a new activity to practise our listening skills - Listen and Colour. Ask an adult or older brother or sister to read the instructions, listen very carefully to each instruction and colour the picture.

Reception and year 1 try the 3 key word activity.

Years 2 and 3 try the four word activity.



             Monday 27th April


Today's activity is all about listening. A very important skill! You will need an adult or older brother or sister to read the instructions to you. Can you follow all of the instructions correctly?

Try the activity linked to your year group but if you find it too easy or too tricky you can try a different year group. Or you could try them all! Get your listening ears on 1SB!


Reception children - try the 2 word level

Year One - try the 3 word level

Years two and three - try the 5 word level

Remember you can try a different level or try them all!

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