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Daily Activities (Week beginning 20.4.2020)

Friday 24th April

Today we would like you to tell a little story about the picture you chose in yesterday’s activity. Use question words prompts to help you. Who? Where? When? What happened? Why? How feeling?


Here is my example. Can you spot which questions I have answered in each sentence?

Yesterday morning I went into the kitchen and what I surprise I had! You will never guess what I saw! There was an octopus…. Sitting, smiling…. In my sink! I don’t know how it got there. It looked very happy, lazing around in a sink full of water with little strands of plants hanging from its tentacles.


All of a sudden, it said ‘Hello’. I was amazed! I never knew an octopus could talk. Did you? I decided to be very brave and move a little closer to it. I asked it lots of questions and it was very happy to answer.


This is what I found out: It is a boy octopus called Ollie. Last night he was swimming in the ocean minding his own business when he saw a treasure chest glowing on the sea-bed. He decided to go and take a closer look. When he touched the chest with one tiny tentacle there was a sudden flash of light and he was magically transported to my sink!


I don’t think he can stay here? He needs to go back to the ocean. What do you think I should do next?


Could you get someone to video you telling your story? Email it to us at - we'd love to hear your stories!

Thursday 23rd April

Today we would like you to practise using all the question words that we have mentioned in our daily activities. Choose a picture from those below and see how many questions you can ask about it. Can you use each of the question words below? Challenge yourself: can you ask more than one question for each question word? Which question words are easier to use?

  • Who
  • Where
  • When
  • What
  • Why
  • How
  • Do

Here is an example:

Who found the octopus in the sink?

Where did it come from?

When did it arrive?

What is it doing in the sink?

Why is it wearing a hat?

How did the octopus get there?

Do you understand what it is saying? Does it speak your language?








Asking questions pictures

         Wednesday 22nd April

Today we have some questions starting with different words about the  subjects food, pets, cinema, computer games, T.V., music, family, sport, school, animals. You could start by choosing a subject and answering the questions yourself.You could then ask members of your family the questions and listen carefully to their answers. Older children could think of some different questions linked to the subjects. Perhaps you could challenge yourself further by thinking of a new subject and a set of questions that you could ask? 

To help you, here are two more question word signs 'how', and 'why'. Can you also remember the signs for 'who', 'where', 'when', 'what'?


'How' and 'Why' signs

Still image for this video

            Tuesday 21st April

Today we are using the question word 'How?' You are going to answer this question to give some simple instructions using the words First, Next and Last.If you click on the document below you will find some challenges using these words. You may want to do some of the activities first to help you to order your instructions or maybe draw each step. Sometimes you may need to add an extra Next or even an After That to complete the instructions!

Older children in Y2 and 3 may want to think of your own 'How do you...' questions to challenge your family but first see if you can answer the questions below.



         Monday 20th April 2020

We have been working on asking questions. Questions are a very important way of communicating with others.

Today we are going to have fun asking questions. Below are some question cards for you to use. You could ask different people in your family these questions. They could ask you! We hope these questions will make you think! And smile! They remind Mrs Snape of two of her favourite books 'Would you Rather' by John Burningham and 'You Choose' by Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharrat.

The answers you get might even inspire you to draw some pictures, act out the scenarios or even write a story! But remember the talking is the most important for this activity! 

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