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Daily Activities (Week beginning 11.5.2020)

Friday 15th May

Today, we would like you to recap your work on categories. But again, we have made it a bit trickier. The objects are written as words not pictures. So you need to think carefully about the links between the words. Can you work out the odd one out in each group of words.

e.g. sheep, zebra, pig – “The zebra is the odd one out because it is not a farm animal.”

Odd One Out Game

Thursday 14th May

Today we will continue to practise inference. Remember, inference is when you try to answer a question based on what you can see or what you know already. If you feel confident with the inference activity from yesterday, then have a go at the extension activity here. Inference is tricky, so you could continue to try the activity from yesterday too, if you need a bit more practise.

Below are some more detailed pictures. Look closely at each picture and talk about what you can see and what you think is happening. Then have a go at the questions.

(Some of the questions might relate to the picture title, so make sure you consider that too!)


Wednesday 13th May

Today we will be thinking about inference questions. To complete each card you will need to look at the picture carefully and use your thinking skills to answer the questions. You will not always see the answer in the picture but you will need to make links with things that you know. There is often more than one correct answer for a picture.

Let's practise:


Question: Who made the sandcastle?

We might answer 'Some children' because we know that children like to make sandcastles.

                        Or 'A little girl's Daddy' because we know the Dad might be showing his daughter how to make a sandcastle.

Both answers are correct because we have used what we know. We don't know for sure because no one is in the picture.

Now try these questions.

Challenge: Can you give reasons for your answers? Use the 'because' word.



Tuesday 12th May

Today we will be grouping objects into different places that you might find them. We will be thinking about the 'where'. 

E.g. In which one of these places would you find a kettle?    

        Where would you find a kettle?





Now you can print off the places (scenes) and objects cards to play the game or if you haven't got a printer you could draw your own scenes and objects and then play the game. That way you get to practise your drawing and colouring skills too!

Challenge - Can you write a list or draw pictures of other objects you might find in each place?

                                          Monday 11th May

Today's activity is a different type of listening game. It is called 'What Am I?' You will need to listen carefully to the clues and then guess what the object or animal is - like a riddle.

Challenge - Can you write your own set of clues for an object or animal?

There are two sets of questions. The first set of clues are all about school objects. The second set of clues are all about animals.



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