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Summer 2 - Week 3 - Espresso Coding

Now you are more confident, you can try coding on the computer using Espresso Coding using the details below or the link provided. Once you are logged in, go to block coding 4.0 (Year 4 Starter Unit). There will be short videos to watch and then little tasks to do. Please complete Lesson 1. Good luck! 


Touch typing


Every time you use a laptop or a computer or even an i-pad or phone, we type! If you practise typing, you will start to remember where the keys are and you gain muscle memory when you don't have to look at the keyboard. I am currently typing without looking at my fingers but I have had lots of years of practise! So, it's time to get some practise! The faster you type, the quicker you can complete tasks! Perfect!


Now I don't touch type... but this is the best way. Each key on the keyboard should be pressed by a certain finger. By practising 10 minutes a day, you should be able to improve.


To test this, try taking a typing test using this link:

My score is here --> 

I can type 66 words per minute. See if by the end of the week you can beat my score. Send a screen shot  of your winning score or your beginning and end score to show how you've improved to and you can get 20 dojos.


Now use these websites to help you improve:


BBC Dance mat typing. 4 Levels with 9 stages.




Space Bar invaders. 

40 different lessons with 3 different difficulties



Save the Sailboat

40 different lessons with 3 different difficulties



Kidz Type

Work through the Levels and stages




Now you are ready to write your own computer program!

Can you write your own computer program? Click on the picture below to complete the tutorial for drag and drop programming. You can use the videos for hints and tips. Good luck! Once complete can you explain what these words mean?




Your next task: Can you explore and build underwater worlds with code?

Can you remember what code means? Are your starting to feel more confident when coding?  Your next task is to use code to build underwater worlds as part of a Minecraft experience. Click the link below and complete the Minecraft Voyage Aquatic challenge. Good luck!

Can you create a game using basic block code?

Time to have a go at creating a game using basic block code. Click on the link below and follow the online tutorial to code a Flappy Game. Once complete can you find the meaning of these words?




Code breaking

Did you know that to make a computer game you have to use code? 

Code is used to write programs. 

Before we have a go at writing code, let's see if you can crack a code!

First person to send the decoded message below gets 25 dojos!

Write a reply in code to get 25 more!

Send your answers to



S3r5e8h8c5a8e6t 84 r5a9e0y6 e7h4t2 m9o4r8f2 e2r8a4c6 e9k6a7t .n8a3c1 u3o7y1 f9i4 s9u0 l5i2a9m7e5 o7t3 t5e8g2r6o1f4 t’5n9o5d3 o0s4 u7o8y9 m9o4r8f2 r8a4e5h2 o7t3 e5v2o6l2 d9l4u7o5w9 e9w2 .n8u5f2 f7o4 s9t6o4l4 g5n3i4v1a9h4 e8r5e6 u7o3y6 e9p6o2h0 e4w5! i8H5

Data Collection

Choose a topic to create a pictogram or graph of. For example, you could look out the window and keep tally of the different coloured cars that you see or you could complete your own research about climates, animals or  even dinosaurs. 


You could then 1) draw the graph or pictogram yourself; 

                         2) use Excel and enter the data like we have learnt in class or

                         3) use Purple Mash 2graph to create different charts. 

Remember if you are trying to log into Purple Mash to go to our School Portal first and use the name of the school as it uses a different postcode.

Below are some links to websites to use to collect date. Have fun and find out some new facts! 

Welcome to our school website!