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Autumn Term - Roar!

No Pens Wednesday

Measuring fun in Maths

This week in Maths, our Reception and Year 1 children have been putting their measuring skills to the test. They have been learning about mass, and comparing mass using balance scales. We made Mars Bar Rice Crispy Cakes using balance scales. We counted out the number of 10g weights that we needed for each ingredient. We then took turns to add the ingredient into the other side of the balance scale. We remembered that we needed the ingredient to weigh the same so the scales needed to balance. There was lots of lovely maths vocab: balance, same, more, less, heavy, light. Why not ask your child to show you the sign for some of these maths concept words?

Our dinosaur clay models

We have been busy designing and building our own dinosaurs out of clay. We discussed some of the key features that we needed to include to make our clay models look like a dinosaur. We then added in our own details. Take a look at the pictures below. Can your child show you their dinosaur? Why not ask them to describe it to you? Is it a fierce meat-eating dinosaur or a friendly plant eater?

Dinosaur Role Play

Now that we have found out that our new topic is dinosaurs, we have been busy making a dinosaur role play area. We looked at some pictures for ideas then went on a hunt around the school grounds to find some suitable materials. We worked as a team to paint some huge dinosaurs for our classroom and made a small-world dinosaur world in one of the tuff-trays. Take a look at the photos to see all our wonderful work! Can you spot our amazing dinosaur pictures on the wall too?

Our Dinosaur Role Play Area

07.09.2021 - Guess What We Found!!!

On Tuesday, whilst out for a run on the track, we found a huge egg! It was nestled in the tunnel next to the running track. The children were very excited to find the egg. We carefully took it back to our classroom and had a closer look at it. We listened to see if we could hear anything inside and talked about what animal might hatch from the egg. There were lots of great suggestions. We know that chickens and other birds hatch from eggs, but we decided that the egg was far too big to be a bird! Other ideas were: crocodile, turtle, dragon and dinosaur. 

I wonder if the egg will hatch... then we will find out what is inside! We are going to look after the egg in the classroom and hope it hatches! We have investigated suitable materials to build a nest for the egg and created a safe place for it to rest.

Take a look at some of our photos below.

Egg Discovery!

Egg protection - Investigating materials for a suitable nest.

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