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4R - Mr Richardson

Welcome to 4R!



In Year 4 already! Doesn't time fly! Welcome to Class 4R's page smiley. Here you can find out all about life in 4R and all the exciting things we get up to. Make sure you check out our Learning Learning Leaflets below to find out about our topic and continue your learning journey at home too!


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Please ensure your child has their P.E. Kit on the following days:

Monday – Indoor P.E.

Friday – Outdoor P.E.


Swimming will be on a Friday and will begin on Friday 6th December running for 11 weeks. Your child will get a letter before the swimming lessons commence.  Please ensure your child brings a swimming kit for their swimming lessons.


Home Learning

Please ensure your child completes at least 4 pieces of home learning a week. This could be anything from reading a couple of pages of their book, practising their times tables or attending a club. For each piece of home learning, your child will receive a merit which can contribute to a home learning award each half term. Please make sure you record their home learning in their home learning diary provided and ensure it is signed and dated.

15 merits = Bronze award

20 merits = Silver award

25 merits = Gold award


Fancy a challenge 4R? Let's see if everyone can get at least a bronze award every half term!



Times Tables Rockstars - Thee children will be tested on their times tables knowledge four times a week. Please ensure you help your child to practise their times tables and ensure they log in to Times Tables Rockstars daily as they will be given certain times tables to practise in line with the tests.


SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) Friday - There will be a SPaG test every Friday. Please ensure your child completes their SPaG homework which will be given out on a Friday in their SPaG book.


Please ensure your child accesses Times Tables Rockstars, Letter Join and Bug Club at home as this will really help to support their learning and prepare them for middle school.

Thank you for all your continuing support! We do appreciate it :)

7.1.20: Viking Visit! We loved our 'hook' day which involved a visit from Hrothgar the Viking Visitor! After setting up camp in the hall, he raided our classrooms, showed us Viking weaponry, taught us to light a fire and how to play a Viking game. Thank you Hrothgar for a brilliant day! Tel: 07979513140 Email:

Spring 2 Topic - Vikings

Into a new year already! Continuing with our Invaders and Settlers Topic we will be finding out about the Vikings and getting really creative with our curriculum. Take a look at our Home Learning Leaflet to find out more. Did you know that Vikings were actually really clean? They used tweezers, razors, combs and even ear cleaners! Q. Where did the teacher send the Viking when he got sick in class?
A. To the school Norse!

Wish you all a Merry Christmas! Thank you for all your hard work and support!

Mr Richardson :)

AUTUMN 2 TOPIC - Invaders & Settlers!

AUTUMN 2 - Can you believe it?! We are onto our next topic already - Invaders and Settlers!  We will begin by finding out about the Anglo Saxons or should I say the Smashing Saxons? We will be finding out about Saxon raids and how they came to settle in England. Using historical enquiry, we will be exploring the Saxon way of life, in particular their clothes, jobs and religious beliefs. Did you know that 'Saxon' was a name the Welsh, Scots and the Irish called all the strangers who moved into England when the Romans left? We will also be reading the legend of Beowulf and writing our own sagas based on our own heroic warriors.

We will then be finding out all about the Vicious Vikings! The Vikings were fearsome, seafaring warriors with huge boats, large shields and enormous ginger beards. This much you probably know. But do you know why why the Vikings had names like Fat-thighs and oaf? Maybe you could find out?! Over the half term we will be finding out about how they came to settle in England as well as their religion and way of life. As as part of our English lessons, we will be focusing on non-chronological reports and writing our own Viking sagas It's going to be a busy one!

Well done Ethan and Victoria who are our King and Queen of Home Learning for Autumn 1! Here they are sat on their thrones in our Reading Palace. Who will be on the throne next? Game of Thrones!

Well done Ethan and Victoria who are our King and Queen of Home Learning for Autumn 1! Here they are sat on their thrones in our Reading Palace. Who will be on the throne next? Game of Thrones! 1

Take a look at our healthy cereal bars we made as part of our Design and Technology project! They were yummy!

Autumn 1 Topic - Snap, Crackle & ROAAAR!


Have you ever collected coupons from a cereal box? Maybe you were saving them for a book or toy? Well, when Dan and his brother decide to collect 100 coupons so that they can have their very own lion, they assume the task will be easy enough. How wrong can you be?! We will be reading There's a Lion in My Cornflakes, looking at advertising, writing persuasive letters and designing our own cereal!


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