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Welcome to 4NB

We are excited for the new challenges of the year and the learning journey that is ahead of us. We will be keeping our page updated about our learning and our new topics. We appreciate your support and are happy to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have.



Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Begum, Mr Gentle and Mr Palmer smiley

Summer 1 - Elizabethans

This half term we will be learning all about the Elizabethans! 

Elizabethans did all they could to survive in an age of sin and bling, of beddings and beheadings, galleons and guns. Explorers set sail for new worlds, risking everything to bring back slaves, gold and the priceless potato. Elizabeth lined her coffers while her subjects lived in squalor with hunger, violence and misery as bedfellows.

Shakespeare shone and yet the beggars and thieves, the doxies and bawdy baskets, kinchins and fraters scraped and cheated to survive in the shadows. These were dangerous days. If you survived the villains, and the diseases didn't get you, then the lawmen might. Pick the wrong religion and the scaffold or stake awaited you. The toothless, red-wigged queen sparkled in her jewelled dresses, but the Golden Age was only the surface of the coin. The rest was base metal.



We will also be reading the hilarious story The Queen's Orang-utan by David Walliams, writing our own version of the story and a discussion text based around a very important yet strange decision The Queen has to make!



Science - we’ve made circuits using switches, the switches created a break in the circuit and allowed us to turn bulbs on and off.

British Heritage Day

Spring 2

This half term, we will be having a forest themed topic linked to our SECRET class text that features a forbidden forest called the 'Forest of Sin', but all shall be revealed soon!


We headed into the forest and found some clues about the secret text, we also found and smelt wild garlic, created our own dens and explored the forest.

Reading For Pleasure


Friday Favourites

Someone is chosen to bring in one of their favourite books to share with the rest of class every Friday.






Times Tables - Maths games and Ipads to help with our times tables. Remember you can use TTRS, Emile and Hit the button online with your log ins.

Book Pal

As a class we picked two books to read, we chose 'After the Fall' by Dan Santat and 'Pandora' by Victoria Turnbull. We then voted for which one we thought was the best and recommended it to our book pals 3R - Mr Richardson's class. Pandora received the most votes - we wrote why we liked the books and created posters too. 


Spring 1


This half term we will be learning all about the Vikings! The Vikings were fearsome, seafaring warriors with huge boats, large shields and enormous ginger beards. This much you probably know. But do you know why the Vikings had names like Fat-thighs and oaf? Maybe you could find out?! Over the half term we will be finding out about how they came to settle in England as well as their religion and way of life. We will be writing and performing playscripts based on well-known Viking sagas. We will also be focusing on writing non-chronological reports to showcase all of our new knowledge.

Learning Leaflet - Spring 1 Vikings

Healthy Heart Day - we worked in teams and took part in team games to get our hearts beating faster.

English - we wrote our own play scripts and acted them out.

Science - digestive system. The children learnt how the digestive system starts with our mouths and then ends with poo!

Science - We investigated "which liquid causes the least damage to our teeth?"

Music - reading music and playing the Glockenspiels

Viking Day

Hrothgar the Viking raided Year 4 classrooms on Wednesday morning! The children spent the whole day fully immersed as Vikings. They became characters and acted out a Viking funeral and a Viking God story. The children also played a game called 'Hnefatafl' and saw first-hand how Vikings used the resources they had at the time to create a fire to cook and keep warm. They enjoyed learning about the different weapons and what they were used for. All of the information they learnt will help the children make links in their learning over the coming weeks. The whole of 4NB made a fantastic effort with their costumes and enjoyed their learning for the day. 

Autumn 2 


This half term we will be learning about the Anglo Saxons.

We will be exploring the reasons they settled in Britain, their way of life as well as learning about past times and games.

We will focus on the discovery at Sutton Hoo, writing a newspaper report about the event as well as looking at the story 'Beowulf' to help us write descriptions.



Odd Sock Day

Anglo-Saxon Hook Day

Science experiment - we learnt that vibrations of sound travel through to our ears.

We are enjoying learning about Hinduism

We have been reading newspapers and using role play to act out what happened at Sutton Hoo so we are prepared to write our own newspaper report!

Maths - we have been learning about measure and converting mm,cm, m and km

Art - using powder paint to paint in the style of Andy Warhol


The children love getting comfy and choosing a book in the library to read!

Whole Class Reading

The children are currently reading 'Charlotte's Web' as a class. They also enjoy reading books from our book corner.

Cereal Bars

The children enjoyed tasting a variety of cereals and dried fruit.

They loved designing their own packaging and making their very own cereal bar! The children all wrote fantastic instructions on how to make them too!  


Jeans for Genes Day 


Autumn 1 Topic - Snap, Crackle & ROAAAR!


Have you ever collected coupons from a cereal box? Maybe you were saving them for a book or toy? Well, when Dan and his brother decide to collect 100 coupons so that they can have their very own lion, they assume the task will be easy enough. How wrong can you be?! We will be reading There's a Lion in My Cornflakes, looking at advertising, writing persuasive letters and designing our own cereal!



Please ensure your child comes to school in their full and correct P.E kit. Our P.E days are:

Wednesday - Outdoor P.E

Friday - Indoor P.E


Please ensure your child completes at least 4 pieces of home learning a week. This could be anything from reading a couple of pages of their book, practising their times tables or attending a club. For each piece of home learning, your child will receive a merit which can contribute to a home learning award each half term. Please make sure you record their home learning in their home learning diary provided and ensure it is signed and dated.


15 merits = Bronze award

20 merits = Silver award

25 merits = Gold award



Our challenge is to get everybody to at least a bronze award every half term! 



Times Tables Rockstars - The children will be tested on their times tables knowledge four times a week. Please ensure you help your child to practise their times tables and ensure they log in to Times Tables Rockstars daily as they will be given certain times tables to practise in line with the tests.


SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) Friday - There will be a SPaG test every Friday. Please ensure your child completes their SPaG homework which will be given out on a Friday in their SPaG book.

Please ensure your child accesses Times Tables Rockstars, Letter Join, Bug Club and Spelling Shed at home as this will really help to support their learning and prepare them for middle school.

Welcome to our school website!