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Welcome to 4AB!


Welcome to our class page. There is lots of learning and fun to be had this year as we enjoy our last year at MFSA. On here you will find all the information you need to know what is happening in our class as well as pictures of our achievements and learning. 


Thank you for all your continuing support,


Mrs Bryzak, Mrs Penny and Mrs Smith



Spring 1st 2022



Welcome to the world of the Vikings. How much do you think you already know? 

That they wore horned helmets?

That they were great warriors?

That they were savage and violent?


Well, this half term we will find out about why the Vikings turned up on the shores of Britain and how they began to call England home. We will learn about their way of life and maybe we might even meet a Viking along the way! 


Ready to find out more? Have a look at the learning leaflet below for what we are completing this half term and ideas for home learning. 



Safer Internet Day 2022

On Tuesday 8th February, it was Safer Internet Day. This year's theme was 'All fun and games?' and we found out all about respect and relationships online. We learnt about how we can be kind online and how to behave if others are unkind to us. Sometimes when we are online, we can have problems with others just like in real life! Sometimes it can difficult to tell an adult and start a conversation so, as a class, we made door hangers to signal to a grown up that we need to chat. 


In Year 4, children are expected to complete 4 pieces of homework a week. This can be anything from attending clubs, swimming lessons, spelling practise, reading, practising times tables, handwriting, topic research and helping at home.


You will have lots of homework ideas for each topic on the back of every Learning Leaflet. In our class, sometimes children can take extra copies of worksheets home especially if they are enjoying a topic!

Each entry in your child's Home Learning Diary will receive one merit.


15 merits = Bronze   

20 merits = Silver

25 merits = Gold


At the end of the half term the children's merits will be converted into learning loot to spend in the homework hut. Please support the children with their learning at home. 


Class 4AB have * indoor PE on a Wednesday &

                         * outdoor PE on a Thursday.

Your child can come to school in their PE kit. Please ensure children are wearing the correct PE kit and that long hair is tied back. Earrings need to be removed or taped up. Children can wear school hoodies and bottoms in the colder weather. If they have indoor PE, they can wear warmer sports clothing over their shorts and t-shirt or choose to wear plain joggers for the day. 


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

SPaG is taught every Friday and then SPAG work is given out every Friday for testing the following week.

SPaG work could include spellings where prefixes or suffixes are added, learning new sentence openers or practising using punctuation such as speech marks.

SPaG books should be returned to school every Friday and they are then checked to see if homework has been practised and new SPaG work stuck in. 


Below are the Spellings for this Half Term. 




In 4AB we love books; picture books, chapter books, mystery books, fact books and even comic books! To continue this love of reading we encourage reading with your child at home as much as possible. Reading can mean talking with your child about their book, listening to a few pages or even reading the book to them! All of these activities are worthwhile! Also, please feel free to read extra books from home, leaflets from places you visit or even the free newspapers that you can pick up in the supermarket.


When you listen to your child read at home, please note it down in their Homework Diary to add towards their merits. Children are encouraged to change their books at school on a daily basis as they finish. 

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