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2BW - Mr Whilton

Check out the new photos showing our learning below!


2BW's time slot for drop off in the mornings is 9:10 - 9:20 and our time slot for pick up at the end of the day is 3:20 - 3:30. We are in a year group bubble, so all the children in Year 2 will have lunch and play times together.

Welcome back to the new normal after such a strange year for the world!


We are very excited to have you all join us in year 2!

Year 2 is the place to be this year so you are extremely lucky boys and girls.

We have lots of exciting learning planned that will ensure your minds grow and grow! There will be challenges and some things we may find tricky, but as a team we will all be star learners. We will make sure you grow in confidence, independence and knowledge so you can succeed in your final year in key stage 1 and be ready to smash key stage 2!


Remember we are all here to help you on your journey in year 2.


Mr Whilton, Mrs Wood and Mrs Teague

Spellings w/b 11th July

Super Agent Training has begun!... We are smashing it!

Our Summer Term topic takes us to the second largest continent on earth...


Grab your binoculars and join us on our

African Safari Adventure

You do not want to miss this!


Pablo Picasso inspired sculptures

Our first day out on safari!

Our Autumn 2 topic in our year 2 learning journey follows on from the woods theme and is called... 

Life as a Park Keeper 

We are getting all "eco-friendly" and exploring how we can look after our local environment; and the impact this has on both the environment and the wildlife that live there.



DT - we practised a running stitch to help us with our sewing in DT lessons.

Anti-Bullying week 2020

Still image for this video
We have been celebrating differences and came to school in odd socks to support the fight against bullying!

Art - We have been learning drawing and shading skills in the style of our artists Hannah Shaw and Jim Field. We have been creating some animals using drawing media

Remember Remember the 5th of November...

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In History we learnt about The Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes.
We recited a well known poem.

Our first topic in our year 2 learning journey is

If you go down to the Woods... 

We love our new classroom and our book corner looks like the cosiest place to entice some local wildlife inside...

The year 2 area is even greener and we have noticed lots of animals have already started to sneak inside. We have seen squirrels, badgers, ants, snails and mice to name a few!


We are enthusiastic to meet these animals and get to know them more and find out why they have decided to settle in our area and, in particular, our year 2 bubble! 




Art - We experimented with mark making in a range of media and created some funky compositions

We think all of the animals settling in year 2 have something to do with a DISGUSTING sandwich... Take a look at our sandwiches but try not to be sick!

Art - This term we are looking at the ILLUSTRATORS Hannah Shaw and Jim Field. We looked at some of their work and used new vocabulary to comment on it

Geography - we went on a hunt around our school grounds for Human and Physical features


In order to reduce the spread of the virus, we would like children to bring the following things with them:


  • Lunch box/bag - if not having a school dinner 
  • Drinks bottle
  • Reading book and diary on a Monday and a Friday
  • Pencil Case (if possible, please bring a pencil, sharpener, rubber, variety of pencil crayons, felt tips. ruler)  Any resources you can not provide will be provided by school. 
  • Coat


Please note, children will not be required to bring many items to school and therefore should not need a rucksack. 


Indoor PE - Tuesday afternoon

Outdoor PE - Friday afternoon



Children are to come to school and remain in their PE kits all day on the days they have PE. 

They can wear tracksuit tops and bottoms in the cooler weather.

If they have indoor PE, then can wear warmer sports clothing over their shorts and t-shirt, or choose to wear tracksuit bottoms for the day. 




Home Learning

In year 2 our aim is for the children to get at least 4 pieces of home learning recorded in their diary each week. This can be anything from reading a couple of pages of their book, reading online books on Bug Club, practising their times tables or attending a club. It could even be helping prepare dinner, tidy up or helping look after and entertain younger siblings and pets!

For each piece of home learning recorded your child will receive a merit. These are counted up at the end of each half term and get transferred into Learning Loot which can be spent in the Homework Hut!


15 merits = Bronze award

20 merits = Silver award

25 merits = Gold award


and for 2BW, 50+ merits = Planet Perfect 

Let's see if we can all get on at least Bronze every half term team 2BW



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