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1WB - Mrs Wainwright/ Mrs Barlow

Welcome (and welcome back to some of our familiar faces!) to 1WB. What a lot has happened in the last few months! We are super-excited to have you back in school and we are ready for lots of fun-filled learning! You have all settled back in to class really well, adapting to some of the changes in our routine. Well done all! 


This is where we will put any new information about 1WB and school in general, so please do check in regularly. We will also use this space to show you all the fabulous work we are doing each term, so come and take a look! 

Our school day starts at 8.45 and ends at 3.00-3.10. 

We are in a Year 1 bubble, so our class will be having break and lunch times with other children in Year 1. 



We would like the children to bring into school the following things:

Lunchbox (if they are not having a school dinner) - Daily

Drink Bottle - Daily

Coat - Daily (Please note that we try to play outside as often as possible so this might be in light rain and cold weather, please send a coat in 'just in case')

Reading Book and Home Learning Diary - Home on Monday, returned on Friday (more information below)

Pencil Case (if possible, please bring a pencil, rubber, sharpener, pencil crayons, felt tip pens and ruler.) Any resources you cannot provide will be provided by school - This will be kept in school

Please note: children should not need to bring a school bag or rucksack in to school.

We have Indoor PE on a Tuesday afternoon and Outdoor PE on a Thursday afternoon.


Children can come to school and remain in their PE kits all day on the days they have PE. 


They can can wear tracksuit tops and bottoms in the cooler weather. If they have indoor PE, they can wear warmer sports clothing over their shorts and t-shirt, or choose to wear tracksuit bottoms for the day. 

Please ensure your child completes at least 4 pieces of home learning a week. This could be anything from reading their book to you, completing a homework task from this term's learning leaflet, practising their times tables (Year 4 only), practising spellings (Years 1-4), practising handwriting and letter formation (Reception - Year 2) or attending a club.

For each piece of home learning that you record in their 'Home Learning Diary', your child will receive a merit which can contribute to a home learning award each half term. Please make sure you record their home learning in their home learning diary provided and ensure it is signed and dated.

15 merits = Bronze award

20 merits = Silver award

25 merits = Gold award

*Please note, due to COVID restrictions, children will change their reading book on a Monday. These must then be kept at home and brought in on a Friday so that they can be cleaned and quarantined over the weekend. Thank you for your understanding with this during these difficult times.

On Mondays, your child will bring home one book at their reading level (for them to read to you). This book will be noted in their 'Home Learning Diary' They will also be able to choose a 'free reader'. This will be a book that they think they will enjoy. This may not be at their reading level. If this is the case, please do share the book with them, reading to them and discussing the story.

Please note: your child will also have been allocated books on 'Bug Club' (see information below), so you should never run out of books!

Home Learning Websites




We really hope the whole class will be able to achieve a reward at the end of this half term for their home learning! Useful logins can be found in the front of your Home Learning Diary.

(Currently for Year 4 only)

Below are some links to websites that you could use for home learning.


In 1SB we use Signalong to accompany our verbal communication. When using Signalong you speak and use the sign at the same time. All the children in the class know key signs and it is part of our everyday routine. If you would like to use sign to support communication at home here are some videos of a few signs we use in school, just click on the link below.


 Please let us know if you would like to learn any other signs that would be useful to use with your child at home. We will add video clips of more signs as the school year progresses and upon request. 

We hope you find Signalong a useful tool!


Welcome to our school website!