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A special warm welcome to our new children and their families to our Nursery at Matchborough First School Academy. The Nursery team are Mrs Hines (teacher), Mrs Jarrett (HLTA), Mrs Kings (teaching assistant) and Mrs Moore (teaching assistant).


What do we do at Nursery?

We provide a wide range of activities which are set in our purposeful room and spacious outside area. We encourage children to learn through playful experiences and support the children in having a well rounded quality Early Years education.


To help keep you informed about what is happening in Nursery and school we send home a newsletter every fortnight and a learning leaflet each half term. Keep a look out for photographs on our class page...


smiley Please ensure that children are wearing school uniform

smiley Please clearly label jumpers, cardigans, coats and bags with your child's name

smiley  If you have any queries please come and ask the Early Years staff in Nursery...


We look forward to doing some fun activities this half term as our learning theme is 'Superheroes'...


Exploring Nursery...

Listening Ears!

Listening Ears! 1
Listening Ears! 2
Listening Ears! 3
Listening Ears! 4

Running Challenge!

Running Challenge! 1
Running Challenge! 2

Brushes & Bubbles!

Brushes & Bubbles! 1
Brushes & Bubbles! 2
Brushes & Bubbles! 3
Brushes & Bubbles! 4

Tree bark rubbings...

Tree bark rubbings... 1
Tree bark rubbings... 2
Tree bark rubbings... 3
Tree bark rubbings... 4

Pumpkin 2D shape faces...

Pumpkin 2D shape faces... 1
Pumpkin 2D shape faces... 2
Pumpkin 2D shape faces... 3
Pumpkin 2D shape faces... 4
Pumpkin 2D shape faces... 5
Pumpkin 2D shape faces... 6
Pumpkin 2D shape faces... 7
Pumpkin 2D shape faces... 8

Playing with a friend...taking turns

Playing with a friend...taking turns  1
Playing with a friend...taking turns  2
Playing with a friend...taking turns  3
Playing with a friend...taking turns  4

Being different is okay - Odd socks day - Anti-bullying week

Being different is okay - Odd socks day - Anti-bullying week 1
The children were allowed to wear odd socks to school today and design their own odd socks in celebration that it is okay to be different.   

Building Bear Caves...

Building Bear Caves... 1
Building Bear Caves... 2
Building Bear Caves... 3
Building Bear Caves... 4
Building Bear Caves... 5
Building Bear Caves... 6
We have been reading the story 'We're going on a bear hunt' and the children had a go at making bear caves using the crates!

Chinese New Year activities...

Chinese New Year activities... 1
Chinese New Year activities... 2
Chinese New Year activities... 3
Chinese New Year activities... 4
Chinese New Year activities... 5
Chinese New Year activities... 6

Healthy Heart Day

Healthy Heart Day 1
Healthy Heart Day 2
Healthy Heart Day 3
Healthy Heart Day 4
Healthy Heart Day 5
Healthy Heart Day 6
The children took part in a fitness session aimed at helping the children to understand the importance of keeping active.
Book Snuggle...sharing their favourite books in their pj's with milkshake & cookies!

World Book day 2019!  -The children & staff came to nursery dressed as a bear character from their favourite stories. Can you guess who they are?

This week we have been learning all about 'Paddington Bear'. The children know that Paddington's favourite food is marmalade sandwiches!

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