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Girl Power

Girl Power Club, kindly sponsored by Rolls Royce.

Girl Power Club, kindly sponsored by Rolls Royce. 1
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We are pleased to announce the commencement of an exciting new after school club. Girl Power is our new STEM club for all girls in Year 4. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The government's plan for education has included a focus on encouraging more young people, especially girls, into studying STEM subjects to a higher level. The number of women in STEM careers is far fewer than men. Here at Matchborough First School Academy, we believe this is an imbalance that needs to be redressed. 


We have been very fortunate to receive funding from Rolls Royce plc to help us run our STEM project for the rest of the year. With the funding, we are able to offer our girls club varied opportunities in all areas of STEM learning, to engage, excite and retain their interest in STEM in the hope that many go onto careers in science, engineering and technology.


The club started with an exciting trip to the MAD Museum in Stratford-upon Avon. They are now busy designing and building their own timber moving machines. 


Keep checking this page to see what the girls do next!


Read what we think about Girl Power club


Scarlett: It makes Science more fun. I really enjoy it now.


Eden: I really enjoyed making the slime because I got very messy. I like messy things.


Zoe: I liked making the Oobleck slime and I made it at home too!


Lily-Ann: The maths is really fun especially when we made the gliders.


Kiera: I liked making the Automata kit because I could make the egg move when I turned the handle.


Katie G: Ever since my first day at Girl Power, I was really nervous but I love coming every time now. I wish it was every day!


Issabella: I liked the MAD museum. I thought the clapping machine and the drawing mechanism was the best.



Lego - WeDo

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Making a glider 6.4.17


We followed instructions to make our own flying gliders and then had flying competitions in the Hall to test them.


Follow this link to make your own glider and then see how far you can make it fly!

Testing the gliders

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How far can they fly?

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Serious competition!

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Code Breaking (30.3.17)


This week in Girl Power Club we looked at code breaking. We learnt about the women that worked at Bletchley Park in WW2, trying to break the German codes. We then had a go for ourselves. The first code was picture based and all of the girls managed to decipher the secret message. The second code is yet to be broken! Why not have a go at home? Who can crack the code and read the secret message first? (See the link below for the Code Breaker Challenge) 


The girls have also taken home a Secret Code activity sheet. Can they think of a code that no-one else can crack? Create your own code and become super-spies!

Code Breaking

Code Breaking 1 Some very determined girls....
Code Breaking 2 They didn't give up!
Code Breaking 3 Could you crack the code?
Code Breaking 4

Tessellations (23.3.17 & 30.3.17)

Over the last two weeks the girls have been drawing pictures using tessellations. We looked at the work of M.C.Escher (a graphic artist who created many tessellating pictures). We then followed a simple video clip (see the link below) to make our own template to use to make tessellating pictures. Here are some photos of our work.....

Slime Experiment


Over the last two weeks, the girls have been getting very sticky and messy experimenting with slime. They were given a selection of slime recipes and asked to investigate which recipe would be the best slime to recommend to Miss White to use in Reception. The girls needed to think about what ingredients were needed, assess the ease of making the recipe and evaluate the best slime outcome. Recipe Number 1 was immediately ruled out as the main ingredient was Borax, a chemical that is not available in the UK due to its possible harmfulness.


There were two clear winners, Slime Recipe Number 3 and the recipe from Whizz Pop Bang science magazine. These recipes can be found below. Why not have a go at home!

Making a volcano 2.3.17

Volcano 2.3.17

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Volcano 2.3.17

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Volcano 2.3.17

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Are you a super taster? Look at these photos of our experiment.

Our Automata kits in action!

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