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Family Learning

At Matchborough First School Academy we seek to make an important contribution to the quality of parents/carers involvement in their children’s learning, as one of the most positive and worthwhile influences in improving children’s educational attainments.
The aims of Family Learning are:-
For parents/carers
ØTo be partners in their child’s learning and development
ØAllows parents/carers an insight into what their child is learning at school
ØTo develop their own learning
ØTo be listened to and respected
ØTo succeed
For children
ØTo work positively and enjoyably with the parents/carers
ØTo succeed
ØTo be listened to and respected
ØTo feel happy and safe
Questions that parents/carers have asked:-
Q Where will the Family Learning Programmes take place?
A We aim to hold the programmes within the school.
Q Will I have to pay to take part?
A No, they are fully funded and you will be provided with free resources.
Q Will my children be able to join me during the sessions?
A Yes, the children will join you in the sessions to carry out enjoyable educational activities.
Q How will the programme help my child?
A You will be given lots of ideas to help your child at home and at school.
Q Will there be opportunities to extend my own personal learning?
A We have the help and advice from a College Tutor.                                             
The following Programmes and Workshops are available at various times throughout the year:-
       Early Years Foundation Stage
       SHARE Healthy Together
       Family Learning Literacy
          Family Learning Numeracy
       Playing with Language puppets
  • Reading Workshop 
  • Numeracy Workshop
  • Phonics Workshop
  • Fine Motor Workshop
  • Metal Mickey Workshop
Our Family Learning Lead is
Mrs Jane O’Brien
If you are interested in Family Learning, contact the school on 01527 883880
Why not join us?
We would love to see you
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