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4B - Mrs Bryzak

Parents and carers of children in 4B are cordially invited to our class assembly on

Thursday 18th October 2018.

Please come through the main entrance ready for a 9 o'clock start. We look forward to sharing our learning with you. 

Welcome to 4B’s class page; a page that is going to fill up with all the amazing work, activities and experiences we are going to have this year in Year 4. We have so much planned so keep coming back to see our latest learning.


We are starting Year 4 with the topic Anglo-Saxons!

We have lots of information to find out… Who were the tribes and where did they come from? How did they get here? What did the Anglo-Saxons do? And what or who was Sutton Hoo? We will find out about their lifestyles using artefacts and be historians working what each object tells us about life in the 5th Century.




In English we will be reading the eipc story of Beowulf, an Anglo-Saxon poem written in Old English. Following the misfortune of King Hrothgar, we will see if he can find a hero to defeat the evil Grendel.  4B will then perfect their use of adjectives, expanded noun phrases, superlatives and similes as we describe the type of hero the King will need.


We can’t wait to share our learning with you, so much so that our Class assembly will be at the end of this half term. We will let you know more details soon!


Please ensure that your child has their PE on the following days:


  • Monday – Indoor PE
  • Thursday – Outdoor PE


4B will be going swimming in the Summer Term 2019.



In 4B we complete 4 pieces of home learning a week. This could be reading, practising our handwriting, going to a club, saying our times tables or practising mental maths, completing our SPaG homework, cooking, visiting a museum or event.


For each piece of home learning, your child will receive a merit which then contributes to a half termly home learning award. Please make sure you record their home learning in their home learning diary provided and ensure it is signed, dated and in school each day.


15 merits = Bronze award

20 merits = Silver award

25 merits = Gold award

Mental Maths Monday

There will be a Mental Maths test every Monday. Please ensure you help your child to practise their mental methods for times tables, addition and subtraction.

Times Table Thursday

Every Thursday we are completing our times tables using a grid. The children have 10 minutes to complete different times tables. We have started with the 1,2,3,5 and 10 so please start practising. 

SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) Friday

There will be a SPaG test every Friday. Please make sure SPaG books are in school on a Friday and ensure your child completes their SPaG homework.

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